My first Last Call with Meerkat


My son finally fell asleep about 11pm. I was still worked up from the day and needed a walk before retiring.  I didn’t really feel like walking alone so I fired up the old Meerkat with the Headline San Francisco Last Call.


We walked my Dogpatch neighborhood sizing up the available watering spots for a last call.   We choose The Sea Star because it was about the only one open and it had a pool table.  I turned off my phone before I walked into the bar, so I could size up the scene before going in video guns blazing.  It was pretty empty.  There were three guys playing pool and a few people at the bar and a younger girl by the door.  I got my beer and went towards the guys playing pool.  That did not go much deeper than a quick hello.  A few minutes later I walked back to the front and the jukebox.  For Five dollars I got to pick about 5 songs.  While ordering up some tunes I went live on Meerkat.

At first I was just pointing at the wall and commenting with the keyboard.  It felt too weird talking into my phone with people around.  It was cool though people watching engaged me with chat and we played name that tune.


As I finished the first beer the three guys in the back wrapped up their game and took off.  So why not play pool?  I grabbed another beer and headed to the table.  @Lylemckeany showed up just in time to see my bank shot and win on a game of 8 balls in 20 shots over/under.


After the second beer we headed out and we wandered the neighborhood for a few.  We joked about ordering flashlights on the spot from Postmates or instacart because the screen as so dark.  Even Carlo showed up.


We even did a run down of local times and locations.


After 2 beers a ton of talking (mostly by me) and a lot of walking.  We wrapped things up.


Little did I know that I just had last call with 392 people.


Nor was a really clear that we had walked about 2.5 miles together.


Its time for a nap.