Since 2008 Founder’s Dojo has helped thousands of start ups, small and medium businesses define their products, business plans, raise financing, build growth engines and more.

Founder’s Dojo Media Group is our internal team dedicated to building and growing our partner companies’ digital sales and marketing funnels.

Over the years the digital media group has become one of the most successful resources that we offer to traditional small businesses across the country.

Our turn key, integrated approach is a full service digital marketing solution starting at $99 a month.

Our model starts with a full review of your business, online presence, industry and customer/prospect community. We use this information to design a custom launch plan.

The launch plan includes picking the optimal social media / online channels, picking your ideal audience and leveraging your existing content to create rich, original customized social media content.

We then implement campaigns on the most relevant online media channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more.