Co-working Loft

The Founder’s Dojo is one of the original co-working spaces in San Francisco. Since 2008, over 200 start ups, founding teams and businesses have gone through the Founder’s Dojo loft and co-working space.

The Founder’s Dojo loft is located in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. It is a 3 level work space featuring traditional office space and community meeting space. In addition to dedicated and drop in space for founders, the Dojo is often available for meet ups and events.

The bottom level of the loft is a traditional workspace with both standing a sitting desks and full bathroom.

The middle level is a hybrid work & meeting space with a full kitchen, balcony, vaulted ceilings.

The third level of the loft is a flex live/work  suite available for out of town members overnight use.